About Affluence Partners Inc.

“Primum non nocere” is Latin for “First, do no harm.” Your doctor has taken that oath; what about your wealth manager?

Our Mission

At Affluence Partners, we take capital preservation seriously. Our first goal is to do no harm to your portfolio or to your ability to make potential profits when the time is right. How can we do this?

We believe understanding overall market direction is the single most important factor that determines success in the market. Being right means that gains are easy; being wrong means that losses are probable. Our unique strategy for monitoring market direction, based on the insight of Mirriam MacWilliams technical analysis of the markets, provides critical information about demographic shifts that recognize economic swings.

As the Baby Boom generation retires, we will witness declines in consumer spending and slower economic growth. In our opinion, this presents an especially risky investment environment for today’s investors. A good doctor should recognize the emerging signs of illness, and your investment advisor should recognize when the market is becoming too risky. Dedicated professionals using the best current technology are essential in both cases.

Losses harm your financial health, but they may also harm your confidence and impair your judgment. Often, investors ride out the bad times only to find that they miss the eventual good market because they are emotionally unable to recognize the opportunity. While our primary goal is to avoid losses, we will be prepared when it is time to invest more aggressively.

We are committed to lifelong learning. When we keep learning, we keep improving. We have done that for 20 years. Our mission is to ensure our clients benefit from a long-term relationship with caring professionals who are dedicated to their financial health and success.

Our Team

Stephanie Stewart, CFP®, CEA, CIM, CIWM, DMS, FMA, FCSI
Certified Financial Planner®

Stephanie is a client focused financial security advisor who specializes in working with business owners, professionals and families. She is committed to developing innovative and customized strategic solutions for her clients. She consults her clients by providing relevant information, education, advice and counsel for their unique situation. She considers her client relationships to be partnerships based on trust.

Joseph Wagner, CFP®, CHS, EPC
Certified Financial Planner®
Elder Planning Counsellor

Joseph is an amazing listener. From the first time you meet him, you will find his authentic interest in you as a person very refreshing. Preferring to ask questions and then listen attentively instead of formulating what he is going to say next in his mind, Joseph distinguishes himself from others in the industry. This along with his professionalism and knowledge are the reasons he was invited to join Affluence Partners Inc in 2017.

Working along side with his clients, Joseph creates customized financial plans that provide a clear path and direction toward the achievement of their goals. Whether they are saving for a first home, starting a family, saving for a child’s education, running a business or planning for retirement Joseph can help. His guidance through the integrated financial planning process leads his clients to identify and prioritize their personal and financial goals.

After evaluating his clients’ wants and needs, investment comfort level and life stage, Joseph provides appropriate and customized strategies to achieve those goals. He specializes in simplifying complex financial concepts for his clients to make complete sense out of all available options, so they can select the one that will work best for them. And then, they begin the journey toward the realization of their goals.

Joseph meets regularly with his clients to revisit the plan and review all progress to date. He assists clients in making the necessary course corrections or adjustment when circumstances change, as they often do from time to time. Joseph is committed to creating financial independence and peace of mind for his clients.

Joseph Wagner | Affluene | Calgary AB