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It's a privilege to be appointed executor of a loved one's estate. The one last thing you can do for them that will shape their legacy. Most people who accept the honour underestimate the amount of work involved in the process of settling an estate. The executor's role has changed drastically. Technology, taxation, complexity of assets, new family dynamics, sweeping new legislation and the risk of personal litigation has created the perfect storm for today's executors.

Are you an executor or executrix? Working with our Certified Executor Advisor, Stephanie Stewart, will help you navigate through the 17 potential professionals involved in settling an estate. Stephanie first became interested in this area after helping her mother with her journey in settling her father's estate. There were so many questions and conflicting pieces of advice from well meaning people.

Who knew there was a special way to file the final taxes that multiplies the basic exemption and saves thousands of tax dollars? Or specific planning opportunities to restructure the survivor's finances to avoid Old Age Security caw-back? Knowledge is power and the practical estate administration advice a Certified Executor Advisor can provide is second to none in the industry.