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Portfolio Analysis

Having the right portfolio is critical to achieving your goals. So how do you know if you have the right portfolio? It is difficult to know just by looking at your latest investment statement. Improper asset allocation and portfolio design is one of the most common mistakes that investors make.

The Affluence Partners financial planning team has developed a proprietary process that is unique in the industry because it looks to incorporate the overall effect of taxes, fees, inflation as well as optimize your qualification for important government benefit programs such as Old Age Security and income tested tax credits like the Age Amount into our recommendations thereby maximizing your spendable retirement income by beginning with the end in mind.

Our process begins by looking at your existing investment portfolio to determine if it is appropriate given the framework of your needs, personal preferences and available resources. Our portfolio analysis process is rooted strongly in math and science. It will assess the probability of achieving your stated goals and objectives on a risk-adjusted basis the historical asset class’s performance after inflation, fees and taxes are accounted for.

We then re-examine the probability of success by looking at the forward growth projections of industry analysts, economists and governments to analyze the investment portfolio’s likelihood of achieving the stated goals and objectives in the current environment given your needs, personal preferences and available resources.

Next, we will test scenarios that include some new ideas you have or things you have wanted to try, but haven’t because you were concerned on how a negative outcome might impact your progress toward your goals, so you can see how they would work. Lastly, we create and test scenarios that increase your probability of success to get it closer to 100%.

Once this has been completed, we will then help you determine your next steps toward the best outcome based on your comfort level and preferences. That way you’ll have all the important details required for you to make an informed decision and select the portfolio that best suits you.