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At Affluence Partners, we understand that retirees face many financial planning decisions that will affect their long-term financial success. Some of these choices revolve around structuring their wealth so it will help create a hedge against outliving their retirement income while reducing the impact of inflation, taxes, and rising health care costs. Others involve risk management and mitigation.

With our focus on the transition to retirement and creating a sustainable retirement lifestyle, we are in an advantageous position to approach the challenges of living without a regular employment paycheque with experience and skill. Through our proprietary and systematic financial planning process, we engage our clients based on their priorities and needs and become the family's Income Architect.

We take the guesswork and fear out of the financial aspect of retirement using strategies with strong roots in math and science. When you are sitting down and trying to figure our how you are going to live the next 30 years in retirement without your regular paycheque and not run out of money, it is critical to think about everything that could come up along the way that could result in a negative lifestyle change, and plan for it. Market bubbles and crashes, inflation, unexpected medical costs, long-term care, extended duration of our current and unprecedented low interest rate environment and increased Provincial and Federal taxes.

There are so many moving parts to consider that have lasting effects on your retirement. As part of our process, we look at how each one would impact your financial success should they occur on your journey through your golden years. Once this stress test is done, you're set and any fear and concerns you initially had about what could potentially derail your retirement lifestyle melt away because together we have already planned for it all to happen. We provide the certainty required to step into retirement knowing that you will reach the finish line and achieve your goals because you have planned properly.

We help our clients enjoy their retirement years with confidence, so they can live life to the fullest.